Top 100+ list of 2023 Mechanical Major Projects in Hyderabad

There are many branches in Engineering. Among them, Mechanical plays a prominent role. Mechanical major projects are based on mainly three domains they are Automobile, Manufacturing, and Mechatronics.

This is a blog post for the students who are willing to do Mechanical major projects. Here we explained the latest innovative topics based on various technologies.

List of Automobile based Mechanical Major Projects

S. No Project Title
1. Fabrication Of Compressed Air Engine.
2. Power Generation By Using Automobile Exhaust Gases.
3. To Prevent Fuel Theft In Two Wheeler By Using Solenoid Valve.
4. Fabrication Of Solar Car (4 Wheel Car).
 5. SMS Based Vehicle Ignition Controlling System.
6. Fabrication Of Chain Less Bicycle.
7. Fabrication Of Electric Two-Wheeler With Rechargeable Battery.
8. Fabrication Of Wind Energy Vehicle.
9. Fabrication Of 360 Degrees Rotation Steering Mechanism.
10. Regenerative Braking System ( 4 Wheeler Vehicle).
11. Solar Based Air Compressor Pump For Car Bike Tire Inflate.
12. Emergency Braking System In Four Wheeler.
13. Fabrication Of Gear Less Power Transmission
14. Fabrication Of Rocker Bogie Suspension System
15. Fabrication Of 90 Degree Steering Mechanism
16. Hand Gesture Based Wheel Chair Movement Control For The Disabled Using (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) MEMS Technology.
17. Design And Development Of Rope Climbing Robot With 60 Rpm Geared Dc Motor Assembly.
18. Head Movement Controlled Car Driving System To Assist The Physically Challenged.
19. Fabrication Of Kinetic Energy Restore System (Kers) Bicycle
20. Fabrication Of Solar Bi-Cycle
21. Fabrication Of Air Powered Car

List of Manufacturing based Mechanical Major projects

S. No Project Title
22. Fabrication Of Paddy Thresher.
23. Fabrication, Design, And Experimental Investigation Of Portable Thermo Electric Refrigerator.
24. Fabrication Of Hydroelectric Power Generation System.
25. Fabrication Of Mini Milling Machine.
26. Fabrication Of Geneva Mechanism-Based Conveyor Belt.
27. Pedal Powered Washing Machine (PPWM).
28. Designing And Development Of Pedal Power Hacksaw Machine.
29. Fabrication Of V, U, L Type Bending Machines.
30. TMT Steel Rod And Sheet Bending Machine.
31. Fabrication Of Low Cost 3-Axis CNC Drilling Machine.
32. Fabrication Of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.
33. Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar, Wind, And Hydel And Designing Of High Efficient Inverter.
34. Fabrication Of Steam Power Plant.
35. Fabrication Of Horizontal Wind Mill.
36. Fabrication Of Coconut De-Husking Machine.
37. Fabrication Of Double Acting Saw Using Scotch Yoke Mechanism.
38. Fabrication Of Leaf Spring Hammer.
39. Fabrication Of Automatic Side Stand Retrieval
40. Electrical Power Generation From Foot Step.
41. Fabrication Of Solar Powered Double Acting Power Saw Machinery Using Scotchyoke Mechanism.
42. Fabrication Of Solar Refrigeration System.
43. Solar Based High Efficient Vacuum Cleaner Capable Of Capturing Even 40 Microns Small Dust.
44. Micro Hydel Power Generation System From Building Roof Rain Water Flow To Power Ac / Dc Loads With Battery Reverse Charge Protection.
45. Hand Cranked Dynamo Based Energy Generation System For Emergency Headlamp For mining Workers And Engineers Who Work Under Ground And Dark Conditions.
46. Fabrication Of Electricity Generation From Sea-Saw
47. Fabrication Of Multi Operating Machine
48. Fabrication Of Hydro Power Plant Mechanical
49. Fabrication Of 4-Wheel Steering Vehicle.
50. Chair Cum Bed Innovative Mechanical Development For Physically Challenged People (Prototype And Real Time)
51. Self-Propelled Carrier.
52. Automatic Truck Loading Machine For Coal Mines
53. Fabrication Of Eco-Friendly Road Cleaner
54. Automatic Bottle Filling Machine
55. Remote Controlled Crane For Dockyard
56. Automated Gate For Authorized Vehicles
57. Mechanized Stamping Instrument
58. Fabrication Of Under Ground Parking System
59. Mpts Mechanism
60. Pedal Powered Can Crusher
61. Automatic Thermocol Sheet Cutting Machine
62. Fabrication Of Single Axis Solar Tracker With Mpts
63. Fabrication Of Box Transport Mechanism.
64. Fabrication Of Automatic Scissor Jack Lifting.
65. Fabrication Of Sky Car Parking System For Apartment Building.
66. Fabrication Of Treadmill Bicycle
67. Fabrication Of Motorized Screw Jack For Car Lifting
68. Fabrication Of Auto Roll Punching Machine Using Geneva Mechanism
69. Fabrication Of Auto Roll Metal Sheet/Paper Cutting Machine Using Geneva Mechanism
70. Fabrication Of Motorized Screw Jack For Car Lifting With Spur Gear


S. No Project Title
71. Fabrication Of Automatic Screw Jack Lifting.
72. Fabrication Of Automatic Feeding And Drilling With Pneumatics
73. Fabrication Of Automatic Side Stand Retrieve System
74. Automatic Bottle Filling System
75. Automatic Hydraulic Moving Jack For Four Wheeler
76. Fabrication Of Pneumatic Grinding Machine.
77. Fabrication Of Pneumatic Vehicle ( 4 Wheels )
78. Fabrication Of Pneumatic Jack For Car
79. Fabrication Of Mini Drilling Machine With Pneumatics.
80. Automatic Pneumatic Sheet Cutting Machine.
81. Fabrication Of Air Powered Pneumatic Punching Machine.
82. Automatic Gear Shifting In Two Wheeler By Using Pneumatics
83. Fabrication Of Barrel Lifting
84. Fabrication Of Pneumatic Vice
85. Fabrication Of Pneumatic Waste Can Crusher
86. Fabrication Of Solar powered Grass Cutting Machine
87. Fabrication Of Pneumatic 3-Axis Trailer
88. Fabrication Of Flying Quad Rotor With Video Surveillance
89. Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
90. Fabrication Of Dual Axis Solar Tracking System
91. Fabrication Of Pneumatic Based Dual Hand Water Pump
92. Fabrication Of Pneumatic Based Pedal Operated Water Pumping System

Agriculture based Projects

S. No Project Title
93. Fabrication Of Solar powered Grass Cutting Machine.
94. Fabrication Of Solar Irrigation System.
95. Water Pumping System Using Wind Power
96. Fabrication Of Motorized Grass Cutting Machine For Agricultural Purpose.
97. Fabrication Of Wind Mill Based Water Pumping From Well For Agriculture.
98. Fabrication Of Solar Seed Sprayer.
99. Fabrication Of Electricity And Water Pumping System Using Wind Mill
100. Fabrication Of Seed Sower Machine
101. Fabrication Of Dual Blade Solar Grass Cutter
102. Agrobot Designed As Plant Watering System
103. Remote Controlled Agriculture Robot For Spraying Liquid Type Pesticides
104. Automatic Sowing (Seeds Planting) Machine – Programmable
105. Remote Controlled Agriculture Robot With Seed Sowing And Pesticide Spraying

Mechatronics Projects list

S. No Project Title
106. Automatic Acceleration Controlling System Robot Based.
107. Remote Controlled Movable Crane.
108. Remote Controlled Stair Climbing Robot With Planet Gear Mechanism
109. Construction Of Flying Quad Rotor With Video Surveillance System.
110. Implementation Of Artificial Eye For Intelligent Line Following Robot Application.
111. Intelligent Autonomous Six-Legged Robot To Operate On Uneven Surfaces.
112. Rf Controlled Robotic Boat To Travel In Water.
113. Robotic Arm With Base Rotation, Elbow And Wrist Motion With A Functional Gripper For Pick And Place Applications
114. Fabrications Of Six Leg Kinematic Moving Machine
115. Automatic Intelligent Industrial Object Sorter With Conveyor Belt Arrangement For Color Distinguishing And Object Count Applications.
116. Design And Implementation Of Maximum Power Tracking System By Automatic Control Of Solar Panel Direction According To The Sun Direction (Model Sunflower).
117. Obstacle Sensing Walking Stick For Visually Impaired Persons
118. Hexapod (6 Legs) Walking Robot
119. Programmable Micro Servo Robotic Arm
120. Biped (2legs) Walking Robot
121. Garbage Collecting Robot
122. Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot
123. Animatronic Hand Controlled Using Flex Sensors
124. Driver Less Shutting Train
125. Remote Controlled Stretcher For Hospitals
126. Remote Operated 3-D Crane For Industries
127. Remote Operated Fork-Lift
128. Remote Operated Crawler Crane
129. Remote Controlled Tipper
130. Remote Operated Pick And Place Robot
131. Automatic Black Board Cleaner
132. Remote Operated Chair Cum Bed For Physically Challenged People
133. Remote Operated Four Leg Walking Robot
134. Fabrication Of Stair Climbing Cart
135. Reverse Indicator For Vehicles
136. Car Slot Filling Station
137. Remote Operated Hover Craft
138. Remote Operated Wind Powered Vehicle
139. Automatic Drain Cleaner


S. No Project Title
140. Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar, Wind, And Piezo.
141. Fabrication Of Power Generation Using Shock Absorber.
142. Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar, Wind, And Hydel And Designing Of High Efficient Inverter.
143. Electrical Power Generation From Speed Breakers.
144. Solar Based E-Uniform For Soldiers Who Work At Extreme High Temperature Or Extreme Low Temperature (The same Uniform Can Be Used To Warm Up Or Cool Down Body Temp).
145. Fabrication Of Electricity And Water Pumping System Using Wind Mill
146. Revolving Door Energy Generation
147. Power Generation From Sea-Saw
148. Knee Power Generation
149. Fabrication Of Steam Power Plant
150. Hand Crank Power Generation For Coal Mine Workers
151. Electricity Power Generation From Over Head Tank
152. Re-Generative Braking System
153. Pedal Power Generation With High Efficient 100watt Inverter
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