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Paper publication

For student must publish his/her thesis in the journals. We will provide the paper publication work also to the students after completing the project with our own architecture and improvements in the design.


A paper that is published is an academic work published in an Academic Journal. The paper has original results of the research or the existing results.

Before getting published, a paper undergoes reviews, revisions and sometimes resubmissions to get acceptance for its publishing.

A person with a published paper is more likely to get good work opportunities in the scientific realm. They can even get grants for conducting further research on their work.

Students of B.Tech and publish the paper on their work and get closer to their dream career in the scientific domain.

Tips to get your paper published.

1. Tell a story

2. Write first, edit later

3. Choose the right journal

4. Explain why your work is important

5. A picture is worth a thousand words

6. Read, Read, Read

7. If at first you don’t succeed…

Steps to submit your paper.

1. Find a journal

2. Prepare your paper for submission

3. Submit and revise

4. Track your research

5. Share and promote

How long they take to publish accepted papers.

Publication speed is one factor that many authors take into account when choosing a journal. The time from submission to publication in a peer reviewed journal can be split into three phases:

1. The time from submission from the first decision

2. The time needed for the authors to revise

3. The time from acceptance to publication

Free publishing platforms for new writers.

1. Medium

2. Linkedin Articles

3. Ezine Articles


5. Issuu

6. Yudo

7. Article Alley


9. Joomag

10. Easy Articles

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