List of 2023 IEEE based MTech Embedded Systems Projects
mtech embedded systems projects

We provide best MTech embedded systems projects list for ECE students. Promise you with 24X7 assistance till the end of project submission. Give a clear idea of the IEEE paper and the relevant technologies used in it.

Explain the difference between the existing and enhancement systems. The way we teach in the enhancement of the project, we will deliver you the same.

Best M.Tech embedded systems projects list

1 Drowsiness Detection System using Eye Aspect Ratio Technique
2 Energy-efficient Face Recognition Authentication System Using Human Detection IoT Modules
3 Smart Agriculture Using Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi
4 Real-Time Smart Home Surveillance System of Based on Raspberry Pi
5 Real Time Application of Vehicle Anti Theft Detection and Protection with Shock Using Facial Recognition and IoT Notification
6 Development of a Hand held device for Automatic License Plate Recognition
7 Smart Attendance System using QR Code
8 Raspberry Pi Based Smart Wearable Device for Women Safety using GPS and GSM Technology
9 Security Experiences in IoT based applications for Building and Factory Automation
10 Design and implementation of an embedded system for data transfer in a car using CAN protocol
11 An Efficient Car Parking Management System using raspberry-pi
12 Internet of Things (IoT) for Bank Locker Security System
13 Design of Raspberry Pi Web-based Energy Monitoring System for Residential Electricity Consumption
14 A Design of Intelligent Wearable Health Monitoring System Based on IoT
15 Statistical Time-based Intrusion Detection in Embedded Systems
16 IoT Assisted MQTT for segregation and monitoring of waste for smart cities
17 Real-time video monitoring of vehicular traffic and adaptive signal change using Raspberry Pi
18 Traffic Management by Monitoring Weather Parameters and Pollutants Remotely using Raspberry Pi
19 Secure Home Entry Using Raspberry Pi with Notification via Telegram
20 Low-Cost Industrial Controller based on the Raspberry Pi Platform
21 Design and Implementation of IoT based Energy Management System with Data Acquisition
22 Prototype Of Aquaculture Using Iot Technologies
23 Road Sign Recognition System for Autonomous Vehicle using Raspberry Pi
24 Design and Development of a Vehicle Safety Detection and Alarm System
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